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New release of Electrum Personal Server. Fixed issue with upgrading to Bitcoin Core 23.0. Also now supports signet. Connect your Electrum wallet to your own full node today!

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #204 is here:

- summarizes continued discussion about adding package relay to the Bitcoin P2P network
- shares a summary of the recent LN developers meeting
- describes an argument for how spenders and routing nodes on LN can optimize for both reliability and low fees in a way that benefits both groups

Shock the Web 2 ⚡️ is happening online, June 16-19, hosted by Bolt.Fun

Thu: discussions & workshops
Fri-Sun: hackathon w/prizes

Casting my mind back on the event: I was impressed with the quality of Elle Mouton's talk on invoices in LN: , also Tadge's talk was good if you're not too au fait with DLC: (has some overlap with mine).

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Late but worth it! bdk 0.19.0 brings experimental taproot 🥕🥕🥕 support including tr() descriptors, taproot PSBTs, signing key and script spend taproot PSBTs, and tr() in descriptor! macros. Plus new OldestFirstCoinSelection, a sqlite-db fix, and more, see:

RT @mempool
We just released mempool v2.4.0 🚀
• new mining dashboard
• new blockchain graphs
• new mempool visualization
• new blocks / mining pool page
• and much more!

Coming soon to your own Raspberry Pi hardware powered by your favorite Bitcoin fullnode OS

'kubectl': The definitive pronunciation guide

The official pronunciation in this house is the one that most easily rolls off the tongue:

...but I concur with his takeaway, and raise him a completion:

alias k=kubectl
source <(kubectl completion bash )
complete -F __start_kubectl k

New issue of The Lightning Lab newsletter!

Back to the Bitcoin Future: Now's the Time to Build With Lightning

I'm researching an idea for a Software Coop (in a small domain) And would love to get in touch with people who have experienced a coop. In IT.

Any pointers, names, boosts or retweets are very welcome.

Built an enclosure for an Antminer S9, to manage sound and heat.

- Duct quick-connects for easily swapping intake/exhaust
- Finished w/speaker carpet over 1/4” padding for appearance and sound reduction
- Sound reduction from muffler on exhaust, baffle+underhood material on intake side
- Power & Ethernet extensions, will primarily control remotely

Tinkercad model:

Made a few tiny adjustments to account for
cut width, should be easy to figure out.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #202 is here:

- describes experimentation by developers working on silent payments
- HWI 2.1.1 and LND 0.15.0-beta.rc3 releases

Meanwhile, took the opportunity to install LIT on my raspiblitz. Web-based GUI looks pretty slick. I think I will try out the new Lightning Pool feature, even though I have special need for more inbound liquidity, I'm really curious to see what it's like making a bid and getting it filled:

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Have run these ⚡️ benchmarks on a 64bit RaspberryPi4 with a USB SSD and got relieved that this common setup is not a bottleneck for the Lightning Network.

Find all the details and how to reproduce the results here:

HW specifics and results comparison:
RT @bottlepay
We've been digging a little deeper into Lightning node performance 🤓

Here's what we've fou…

Peer-To-Peer Is Patriotic.

"Peers freely electing to interact with each other could be used to describe citizens constituting a constitutional republic such as the United States of America or nodes in the nebulous network of Bitcoin."

By @blockbain.

Worth a read; h/t @belcher

this is an oft-discussed scenario, I tend to think it will be a less significant effect than portrayed in this article; I am probably influenced by the history of bitcoin; I haven't seen evidence that prices are ever lower outside centralized exchanges (the opposite?), seems mostly surmise, not data.

The author may be under-stating the importance of the perfect verifiability (and doesn't understand intrinsic fungibility).


Learned of this via TFTC h/t @mattodell ;

there's a short video demo and a slide deck, basically this is a mobile-to-mobile BIP78 payment implementation (interestingly, seems to be iPhone) using onion service for receiver as Joinmarket does. Was part of an MIT hackathon.

Most interesting if this BIP78 implementation makes its way into production mobile wallets, will be a great selling point ...

#bitcoin #payjoin

My GUIX #Bitcoin bootstrapped deterministic build worked. After 4 days compiling through sources it was done.
More information here:
Picture of the small thin client who did it.

Listening to bitcoin newbies asking their questions on CH, I get the impression that they think we never made mistakes along the way.

You basically have to make mistakes while you learn how to Bitcoin.

Embrace it and start the process. Learn by doing.

You don't have to go newcoiner zero to full bitcoiner hero all in one go.

You're allowed to take small baby steps and learn along the way.

e.g. if your coins are on exchange and you're scared about self custody, try a small amount on a phone wallet to get comfortable.

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